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Who We Work With

Probe Software maintains close ties with JEOL and Cameca to be able to offer what users of their instruments expect: seamless, rock solid integration with all instrument functions.

On modern instruments using TCP/IP communication (click here for JEOL 8900, 8200/8500 and click here for JEOL 8230/8530/iSP100/iHP200 and Cameca SX100/SXFIVE), both the OEM software and the Probe Software system can talk to the instrument from their respective computers without cable or configuration changes. This insures that when you upgrade to Probe Software you don't lose anything- you gain everything.

All versions of Probe for EPMA and Probe Image integrate seamlessly with state-of-the-art SDD EDS systems from Bruker (Esprit) and Thermo (NSS) for full spectrum EDS acquisition and quantitative analysis. Integration with other EDS vendors is available upon request.

We also partner with Bruker Nano and Thermo Scientific (click here for our "Hyper-Imaging" flyer) to provide robust integration of full spectrum EDS and WDS acquisition using automated standards based k-ratio quantification for every data point.


In addition we work with Golden Software to customize their Surfer and Grapher products for our presentation and display graphics for microscopy and microanalysis.


In short, Probe Software is a growing group of EPMA users and companies that work together to create professional, practical and yet cutting edge electron microprobe software which provides a community platform for implementing new and creative ideas from our user base.


Our beta testers and collaborators come from a wide range of academic, government and industry labs and include Julien Allaz (University of Colorado, ETH Zurich), Michael Jercinovic (University of Massachusetts), Paul Carpenter (Washington University), John Fournelle (University of Wisconsin), Douglass Meier and Nicholas Ritchie (NIST), Chi Ma (California Institute of Technology), Ben Buse (University of Bristol), Heather Lowers and David Adams (USGS), Daniel Ruscitto and Dave Wark (GE Global), Benjamin Wade (University of Adelaide), Malcolm Roberts (University of Western Australia), Benjamin Hanson (Corning Glass), Philipp Poeml (ITU), Philippe Pinard (University of Aachen), Gareth Hatton (Johnson-Matthey), Ying Yu (The University of Queensland), Glenn Poirier (University of Ottawa), Changkun Park (Korea Polar Research Instritute) and many others too numerous to mention.


For installation and training of all our products, Probe Software contracts with a number of nationally and internationally recognized microprobe experts who provide professional, customized installation and training at your instrument site. See here for details.

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