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Probe Software Updates

Probe Software is continually working on improving and updating its products based on user feedback and new developments in the field of EPMA microanalysis.


The current version of Probe for EPMA is 13.8.0 and the current version of Probe Image is 1.4.6, both which support JEOL 8900/8800, 8200/8100/8500, 8230/8530 and iSP100/iHP200F and Cameca SX100/SXFive/SXFive tactis instruments.


If you are using Probe for EPMA version 11.x or later, simply use the Help | Update Probe for EPMA menu to automatically update your software to obtain the latest version. If you currently have v. 10.x (or older) of CalcZAF or Probe for EPMA, you will have to use the links below to download the latest CalcZAF.msi installer (and also the ProbeforEPMA.msi installer if you are updating Probe for EPMA) and perform a new installation.


To download the installation file for Probe for EPMA please click here and here- you will need to install both CalcZAF.msi and ProbeForEPMA.msi for a complete installation.


To download the installation or update file for Probe Image click here- use ProbeImage.msi for both installation and updating.


To download the Remote (COM) Server installation please click here.

To download the Matrix (COM) Server installation please click here.

Note that intensity k-ratios derived from Penepma Monte-Carlo calculations, fit to polynomial alpha factors, can be utilized in CalcZAF and Probe for EPMA for the matrix correction. This high speed Monte-Carlo matrix correction may be more accurate for low over-voltage situations or large fluorescence matrix corrections, particularly in the case of large continuum fluorescence corrections. To see a list of the currently calculated binary alpha systems see here.

If you need a user login and password to download the above installation or update files, or for updating previous versions of Probe for EPMA, please contact your microprobe specialist or Probe Software directly to obtain information on how to download the software, or if you require the software on CDROM or another digital media format.

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