Author Topic: Question about getting column signal from SEM, Pathfinder (v. 1.4) in Windows 10  (Read 1291 times)


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I have a question about getting column signal from Hitachi SU8230 SEM (running with Windows 7) and Pathfinder (version 1.4.) running with Windows 10.

At some point, our Pathfinder 1.4 didn't get a column signal from SEM, but it still get images when we do elemental mapping.

I checked Automation Configuration & Test and checked "HitachiSU8000_S" (with Serial connection COM Port 3000) and also tried "Hitachi SU9000_X" with a SERVER option.  However, both does not work. 

We have two internet cable connection and one serial cable connection between Hitachi SEM computer and EDS computer.

I contacted the Thermo Scientific for this problem back in June (Ticket #263891), but haven't gotten back a response.

I also attached 3 screenshots.  If you can give me any comments or advise,  I appreciate it!  Thanks,


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I work for Thermo Fisher Scientific.
I apologize that your service ticket has not been addressed since June!

Please email me at
I will try to solve the issue, and if I cannot, I will connect you directly to our service team.

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