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Bruker off-line reprocessing
« on: June 08, 2020, 09:39:02 AM »
Just got this in an email from Bruker:

Now available for customers: ESPRIT Offline!

The free, time-limited*, offline license for the whole ESPRIT software suite.

ESPRIT Offline enables you to analyze your data, measured already with Bruker’s EDS, EBSD, µ-XRF and WDS system without the need to access your laboratory system.

It helps you to continue working on existing data sets also from home. You can make use of automated analysis solutions and explore all features and functions, e.g. hybrid quantification, particle analysis, advanced phase ID, TEM-EDS quantification using theoretical or experimental Cliff-Lorimer and Zeta factors.

Get your ESPRIT Offline version now!

*valid until September 30th, 2020; while stocks last
Your BrukerSupport Team

Esprit Offline Time-Limited Offer

Click here to unsubscribe.

Which is interesting.

I haven't checked this recently (we no longer have a Bruker EDS system in our lab), but if one installs the Bruker software in "demo" mode, it will allow Probe for EPMA to make the get net intensity/quantify spectra calls, to allow re-processing of EDS spectra in Probe for EPMA.

Remember that beginning in v. 2.1 of the Esprit software you must copy and re-name their 3rd party API DLL as Gareth Seward describes here:

Starting with v. 2.1 of Esprit, the RTIfcClient.dll file has been renamed to Bruker.API.Esprit.dll

PFE still looks for the original RTIfcClient.dll file name, so you will need to rename the new file.

After renaming, the file should be placed in the SysWOW64 folder so that all PFE/PI apps can access it.

It is perhaps sensible to remove all occurrences of the older version of RTIfcClient.dll before renaming the new version.
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