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I thought I share my collection of online resources that I accumulated over the years. There may be one or the other document that others might find worthwhile. Please share any of yours.

Online resources for EPMA, WDS, EDS, SEM.
The following are in no particular order.

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher has excellent webinars on EDS and WDS but also image processing. You can either watch the webinar or just download the slides

Application notes can be found here (you can refine the search terms further)


Bruker also provides webinars and slides for EDS, WDS, EBSD, Micro-XRF on SEM and Micro-CT for SEM.

as well as application notes


Application notes

Oxford on YouTube



Applications notes, interactive periodic table, interactive slide ruler etc


Various materials on EPMA (including a nice L-value table)

Various materials on SEM

I always distribute "SEM Q&A" , "SEM A to Z" and "A guide to scanning microscope observation"  in my class. They are also available in print from JEOL.


Application notes EPMA
Some very nice application notes. A few only available on request

EPMA Literature overview

In my opinion, excellent class notes by James Wittke at Northern Arizona University

MyScope, Tutorials on microanalysis and SEM

Everyone is probably already aware of John Fournelle's excellent collection of class notes, literature etc.
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