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Re: CalcImage Quantitative X-ray Mapping Examples
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Once in a while someone measures oxygen as an analyzed element, and then for whatever reason wants to then try and instead calculate oxygen by stoichiometry.  So they disable oxygen for acquisition, and then acquire samples with oxygen to be calculated by stoichiometry during the quantification.

Obviously one doesn't want to include both measured oxygen and oxygen by stoichiometry in the matrix correction, so if one has measured oxygen as an analyzed element, and then from the Calculation Options dialog, one also specifies Calculate Oxygen by Stoichiometry, the program will warn you that you cannot have oxygen both analyzed and calculated by stoichiometry. So one simply specifies that the measured (analyzed) oxygen channel is disabled for quantification as seen here:

This method of being able to switch samples back and forth between measured oxygen and oxygen calculated by stoichiometry has long been a feature in Probe for EPMA, but until recently we guess no one had tried this in CalcImage when quantifying x-ray maps.  Until now.

See the lower left map in the above image which is the oxygen calculated by stoichiometry, even though oxygen was measured on one of the WDS spectrometers. This is now possible in CalcImage after one has specified that the measured oxygen is disabled for quant as seen in the Elements/Cations dialog.

Thanks to Brad Johnson at PNNL for pointing this out.  This update is ready to download now.
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