Author Topic: Crystal Alignment or Intensity Issues  (Read 6708 times)

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Re: Crystal Alignment or Intensity Issues
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2019, 01:29:23 am »
Hi John,


I will try to decipher it. Some things on the margins of some pages are out of scan. Could you have a look? Maybe it could be re-scanned? Page 31 for example.

Some procedures look familiar, but some stuff I do not understand yet.
The procedure with the locking nut is not clear to me, but I might find that when I go to the lab tomorrow.

Also what you do with the 50000 tool. Also there are some words missing. I figure it is for the mechanical offset. What I did so far was put it in, drive there manually, until the spec arm touches it and read the value. For all specs it is close to 50000 but +/- 100 sometimes.

I am familiar with the SX50 commands, so that should be easy to figure out.

How to use shims below the crystals I also know.

Interesting! There is a lot to learn!