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Standards Which Should Be Developed For EPMA Next

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John Donovan:
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This is a popularity contest.  The most popular standard material will be developed next.

We're shooting for $100/gram for that are not water soluble and are beam stable. Please indicate your preference in the above poll.

Remember, our ability to develop this next standard depends on our "nest egg" funds from sales of the first "crowd sourced" RbTiOPO4 at $100/gram from The CalChemist site here:

Marc will need to purchase the starting raw materials from this "nest egg" for whatever standard is polled as next most desired.

Marc Schrier:
Just out of curiosity, what's the interest in UO2?  Would another depleted oxide or phosphate work? -Marc

John Donovan:
Please (if you haven't already), vote in the standards to be developed next poll here (you must be logged in to vote and/or see the poll results!):

to help us identify the next candidate material for standard development.  More materials could be considered but it's at least a start...

So far 13 people (out of ~300 members) have voted.  It would be nice to get a more comprehensive sampling!


Bump.   ;D

Please vote in the standard material poll above if you haven't already.  Remember you have to be logged in to see the poll results or to vote.


It's a close race between the top three standard candidate materials:

Remember you have to be logged in to see the poll results or to vote!


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