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Re: Probe Software Forum Newsletters
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2020, 09:23:43 pm »
Here is the summer 2020 newsletter that was sent out to members a couple of weeks ago:

What a summer for everyone! Pandemic, hurricanes and forest fires here in the western US.  In celebration of the rain clearing some of the smoke, here is the Probe Software User Forum Summer newsletter.  The Probe Software user forum continues to be busy this summer with 11 new topics, 153 new posts and 66 new members since June 1. The forum totals currently stand at 8929 posts in 1120 topics by 573 members. Here are a few highlights from the last few months.

Mike Jercinovic and John Donovan had an interesting discussion on how analytical error relates to concentrations:

Ben Buse and John Fellowes discuss how to capture video from optical microscopes and chamber scopes here:

Some of us were able to watch the M&M virtual presentations in August, with some discussion here:

I would encourage any presenters on EPMA related topics to feel free to post links to their presentations on the user forum there. Here John Donovan provides an update to the WDS and JEOL EDS integration in Probe for EPMA:

Jeff Chen started a topic on PictureSnapApp "testimonials" on the user forum here:

If you enjoy using PictureSnapApp on your instrument, please feel free to post about your experience there.

Brian Joy asks about synthesis of PGE compounds here:

Glenn Poirier provides some examples of using Probe for EPMA integrated with the JEOL EDS detector on his JEOL 8230:

Ben Wade shares some laser ablation measurements of the Smithsonian standards here (remember to log in to see attachments):

Ben Garcia asked for (and received) a modification in PictureSnapApp to better navigate his samples on their Tescan SEM at PNNL:

Ben Wade and Mike Matthews asked for (and received) a modification to the documentation controls in the Standard application:

Michael Lance and Probeman discuss using various scan modes on inhomogeneous samples:

Ben Wade and others discuss halide standards here:

AnneF asks if there is a method to obtain a reliable 5 nm carbon coat thickness without a thickness monitor...

John Donovan discusses using interpolated MAN backgrounds including interpolation with multi-point backgrounds (MPB):

This is related to the presentation that Phil Orlandini gave at M&M this summer.  Meanwhile Probeman shares some thoughts on remote teaching of instrument courses and labs:

John Donovan shares some thoughts on some recent remote training sessions with a customer:

Crystalgrower comments on synthesis of various standard materials here:

Brian Joy and SEM-geologist (and others) discuss detectors, instrument and temperature stability in the lab:

John Donovan and Ben Wade discuss using duplicate elements on multiple spectrometers and "aggregate mode" in Probe for EPMA to improve elemental sensitivity:

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