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Synthetic Zircon (trace elements in)


I have two synthetic zircons in my standard collection. Both are clear single crystals and seemingly quite stoichiometric and pure. The first zircon crystal (#256) was grown by John Hanchar at Memorial University in New Foundland and the second (#257) was grown by Lynn Boatner at Oak Ridge National Laboratory some time ago.

What I would like to know if whether there is any data available for trace elements in these materials as I unfortunately do not have enough material for bulk ICP-MS or other trace characterization techniques. Perhaps the purity of the starting materials is known by someone?

Has anyone any trace element information on these materials?


--- Quote from: Owen Neill on December 01, 2014, 03:55:58 PM ---If the Memorial zircon is 91500, the compositions are published in Wiedenbeck et al., 1995 and Wiedenbeck et al., 2004, both in  Geostandards Newsletter. I only have the later paper (uploaded here).

--- End quote ---
No, it was grown by John Hanchar so it's synthetic.

I've done some measurements and using careful off-peak measurements I get about 200 PPM +/- 80 PPM Hf in Lynn Boatner's synthetic zircon. A little more in Hanchar's zircon.

If I assume that the other elements in the Oak Ridge zircon are all zero... I know, I know, this is what I get (see attached).

If you are wondering why the MAN bgd corrected data has better precision than the off-peak bgd corrected data (and yes, you should be wondering because the MAN acquisition take 1/2 the time!), please see this topic:


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