Author Topic: Testing new multi-channel analyser PHA capability for Cameca SX  (Read 22840 times)


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Re: Testing new multi-channel analyser PHA capability for Cameca SX
« Reply #60 on: March 16, 2018, 04:16:31 pm »
This is an old thread but since people have been discussing PHA recently on the SX50 listserver, and also comparing the MCA (multi channel analyzer) PHA versus the traditional SCA (single channel analyzer) PHA, I decided to run some tests on my instrument which (except for Spectro 1 which has a cracked crystal and therefore lower intensities), should be a good comparison of a (mostly) normally running SX100 instrument.

If you look at the filenames of the images attached below (login to see attachments), you'll note that I ran PHA using MCA and SCA on Ti Ka on all five spectrometers at both 10 nA and 100 nA. I used 0.1 sec per point and 40 points on the (traditional) PHA SCA scans.

As noted previously in other topics, the MCA method produces PHA data much faster but at much lower energy resolution. I guess that's Heisenberg for you!   :)

It's also interesting to toggle between the 10 nA and 100 nA PHA scans (both MCA and SCA) and one can see the PHA peaks at 100 nA shifting to higher voltages from the lower intensities at 10 nA.
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