Author Topic: Penelope/Penepma/Penfluor/Fanal Monte-Carlo Software and Physics  (Read 19700 times)


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Re: Penelope/Penepma/Penfluor/Fanal Monte-Carlo Software and Physics
« Reply #60 on: February 05, 2020, 12:19:01 pm »
It appears that the NBTH and NBPH parameters are based on the Penepma 2012 "" file which is the default input file for thin film calculations. Apparently the boys in Barcelona must have changed this parameter in Penepma 2016.

So the best solution is to simply edit the file for the new parameter. I've attached a new version below that should work with Penepma 2016 and will upload a new file with this modification.

All I did was remove these two lines:

NBTH   45                     [No. of bins for the polar angle THETA]
NBPH   30                   [No. of bins for the azimuthal angle PHI]

And replace them with this line:

NBANGL 45 30              [Nos. of bins for the angles THETA and PHI]

That should work.
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