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Ultra Pure TiO2?

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Does anyone have a very pure TiO2 crystal or glass with ICP-MS or other trace characterization?

We want to test it as a suitable "blank" standard for rutile/anatase trace element analyses.

Jeremy Wykes:
I suspect these might be quite pure:

Edit by John: Thanks! We will check them out.

Karsten Goemann:
We bought some synthetic rutile from P&H developments in the UK recently which is 99.999%, single phase. We have mounted it and, although we've not tested it thoroughly yet, it is looking good so far.

Malcolm Roberts:
So messrs Plant and Hopkins are still producing standards. That is good to know. I thought they had retired......

Richard Walshaw:
Tim Hopkins pops in here to use our SEM occasionally. I think he is now on his second retirement. He seems to spend most of his time in the Alps and just makes up a few standard blocks now and again to help fund his playboy lifestyle. He's got the right idea!


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