Author Topic: JEOL JXA-8500F to a good home  (Read 1222 times)

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JEOL JXA-8500F to a good home
« on: January 25, 2024, 08:52:44 AM »
NIST is looking to surplus its JEOL JXA-8500F (circa 2004).  There is a lot to like about this instrument - the hardware is great.  The JEOL software based on a mishmash of Solaris Unix and Windows, a bit less so.  However, with Probe for EPMA, great results can be had.

It was operational until shut down for the pandemic.  We always kept it under a service contract.  It has been sitting idle since.  I expect it can be brought back up with a small investment of time and money.  4 wavelength spectrometers, Si(Li) (JEOL) and SDD detector (Bruker).

As per normal, you'll have to pay to have the instrument removed from our lab and installed in yours.

As a US Goverment entity, we will prioritize giving the instrument to a 1) US Federal lab; 2) a state/city lab;  or 2) a US university.  I don't think we can give it to a non-US entity.

Contact me at if you have an interest.
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