Author Topic: Perceptually uniform color scales for the JEOL NMap viewer  (Read 480 times)

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Some might have already seen the discussion on the use of rainbow color pallet maps ( The JEOL NMAp viewer has limited color options, currently only offering"JEOL Colors" and "Rainbow", but I discovered it is simple to add custom palettes.

I created files for the most popular scientific color scales (Viridis, Magma and Plasma) and the new kid in town: Cividis: (You must be logged in to see attachments)

Just copy the files into this folder on your JEOL computer: C:\JEOL\PC_EPMA\exe_spview\NProcess\colortable

To change the order or availability of individual files, simply adjust the numbering in the file name and open the JEOL N-Map viewer again for the updated menu.

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Re: Perceptually uniform color scales for the JEOL NMap viewer
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Hi Anette

Thanks for posting this, I didn't realise it was possible and thanks for the color scales

I've just downloaded and tried them with the stand alone JEOL EPMA Data viewer and the folder they go in is
Code: [Select]
C:\JEOL\EPMA Data Viewer16\NProcess\colortable
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