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Setting the signal parameters of the Noran Ultradry detector.

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Please help me find instructions for setting the signal parameters of the Noran Ultradry detector. Too many trim resistors.

Nicholas Ritchie:
Sounds like a job for a service engineer or a factory technician.
On a modern detector, any user modifiable parameters are likely to be set through software.

What to do? ask the factory?
I thought this section was dedicated to hardware.
I also need a cable to connect the detector to the Noran System 7 unit. DB15-DB9. Or a diagram of such a cable for making it yourself. If you have a diagram please share.

Hello Ara,

For assistance with these issues, you should contact tech support.
I am not technically tech support, but I can get you in contact with the correct team.
Please contact me at stephen.seddio@thermofisher.com.

Alternatively, if you are located in the US, you can contact tech support here:
  (800) 532-4752
Select Option “2” For Tech Support
Select Option “9” For EDS Support



Hello Steve,

I wrote you an email.
Thanks for being willing to help me.



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