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Pathfinder 2.10 (kind of)!


I have a version of Pathfinder 2.10 that I can distribute.
Pathfinder version 2.10 has many stability improvements and a few new features too!
Of particular interest to this forum are improvements that have been made with how EDS Net Counts information is sent over the Portal.
In previous versions there were errors related to missing metadata being passed back and forth between PfE and PF.

For some bizarre reasons, this is not a formal release, but it is worthwhile to get these improvements.
I will update once a formal release of 2.10 is ready.

As usual, because of Thermo's file sharing policies, please send me an email to let me know that you would like the update.
Then I will hand-craft a OneDrive link from which you can download the installers.


John Donovan:
As Steve mentioned above, besides the new features and stability improvements in Pathfinder, there are significant improvements in the Portal interface used by Probe for EPMA to perform quantitative integrated EDS and WDS.  These improvements provide more accurate net intensities for EDS elements when using the Thermo Portal interface.

Therefore those using Probe for EPMA and Pathfinder for integrated EDS and WDS should update their Pathfinder to this 2.10 version to benefit from these improvements. Once the new Pathfinder version is installed, simply open your old Probe Software run, and perform your analyses as usual to update the EDS net intensities stored in your probe database. These improvements to the EDS detector "meta data" in Probe for EPMA have been implemented since late last year, so be sure to also update your Probe for EPMA also using the Help menu as usual.

John Donovan:
I should also mention that to take advantage of the new detector "meta-data" in version 2.10 of Thermo Pathfinder Portal interface for integrated EDS and WDS in Probe for EPMA, you will also need to edit the "ThermoNSSVersionNumber" in the Probwin.ini file.

So after you download and install Thermo Pathfinder 2.10, you will need to open the Probewin.ini file in the C:\ProgramData\Probe Software\Probe for EPMA folder using any text editor (such as NotePad), and edit the following field in the [hardware] section:


Why is it 6? and not 2.10?  Because we (Probe Software) have to keep supporting all the older Thermo NSS installations, and Thermo decided (all on their own) to re-set the version numbering back to 1.0 when they went to Pathfinder!


So to be clear here is the table for Thermo software version numbers:

ThermoNSSVersionNumber = 1 to 4 for Thermo NSS v. 1 to 4
ThermoNSSVersionNumber= 5   for Thermo Pathfinder v. 1
ThermoNSSVersionNumber = 6 for Thermo Pathfinder v. 2.10


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