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Iron Carbide standard


Hello everyone,

We're currently searching for an iron carbide standard. I've found just a few webstores (American Elements, Stanford Advanced Materials), but if any of you have a tested source, or might be able to send us a sawed off bit of a rod, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll try to check back in weekly for any responses. EDIT: my email is dominique.duguay  @  (remove spaces).



UofO EPMA Lab:
One minor suggestion for iron carbide: be sure to obtain a single (or poly) crystal material, because we have found that powder sintered materials may not be stoichiometric.

Noted, thanks!

Brian Joy:
Hi Dominique,

Geller Microanalytical sells Fe3C at 99.9 wt% purity (  I don't know if it is coarsely crystalline or not, nor do I know how much they charge for it (could be expensive).


EDIT:  Now that I look more closely at the list from Geller, they describe the form of the material as "metal foil."  I'm not sure exactly what that means, as natural cohenite is brittle.

Thanks for the lead, Brian! I appreciate it.


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