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Shift function error
« on: November 10, 2020, 10:51:06 AM »
I figured out why I'm getting the error, so in case anyone searches for this in the future, it's here.

I'm getting a new error, as of last week, wherein JEOL says that the shift0 needs to be reset. This causes PfEPMA to then throw an EIK DLL error because it's trying to do something and JEOL won't let it.

The error happens because I have my analytical conditions set to scanning probe mode at 270,000x (I don't remember why I chose this; seems like a pretty weird choice, now). Anyway, when I set the scanning mag to 90,000x, I don't get the error. It also doesn't happen when I use spot mode.

Even if I start the analysis with the shift0 reset (greyed out), PfEPMA uses it (turns on?) during an acquisition. This means if you don't reset shift0 in JEOL software before the end of the analysis, you'll get the error message, and PfEPMA will stall out in trying to set the beam characteristics. So, there you go.