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John Donovan:
And to follow up on Ben's dilemma on using a third party app to digitize stage coordinates outside of PictureSnapApp, we do distribute the TestFid application, which can transform thousands and thousands of points using three fiducial (reference) marks, in the free CalcZAF distribution.

It's nowhere near as fancy as PictureSnapApp, but if you can create an input file for it, it can be pretty handy.  There's also no menu for it, but you can locate the executable in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Probe Software\Probe for EPMA folder and make a "shortcut" to it if you decide to use it regularly.

Here is a screen snap of the application after it loads:

After you load a selected .POS input file, you get this dialog where you can update the coordinates of the three fiducial marks that were utilized to create the digitized point file:

After that (here I just clicked OK in this case), you get the transformed points based on the offset and rotation:

Also detailed information on the .POS file format can be found here:


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