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Hi John, we purchased PictureSnapApp last year and it has always been working a treat. All my clients who dealt with thin sections were impressed by how much time they saved by using PictureSnapApp, absolutely one of the best value for money software I used. Many thanks!

John Donovan:
Hi Jeff,
Wow, thank-you so much for the kind words. What instrument are you connecting it to?

I think some people find it difficult to believe that one can get so much capability for just US $499! We’ve also got some other “testimonials” from users about PictureSnapApp here:

But I moved your very nice comment to a new topic here which I’ve made “sticky”. Thank-you again.

John Donovan:
Although one can download PictureSnapApp for free and use it in "text input" mode on any instrument with an X-Y-Zstage, I just thought I would share the institutions that have purchased our PictureSnapApp software for enhanced sample navigation and documentation on EPMA and SEM instruments:

University of California Davis Geology
KOPRI (Korea Polar Research Institute)
University of Minneapolis
China University of Geosciences
University of Michigan
University of Oklahoma
China University of Geosciences
Idaho National Lab
University of Tasmania
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Arizona State University

More information here:


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