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Network socket timeout error message when trying to use Thermo EDS with Win 10

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Hi All,

I have recently (been forced to) upgrade my computers to Windows 10. I run PfE and the Thermo Pathfinder on different computers. Previously, they talked to each other just fine. Now, PfE will talk to Pathfinder to collect combined EDS and WDS data, but when I try to look at the data in the Analyze window, I get the following error message:  Error number 5 returned from Thermo EDS Interface (Socket timeout error) when calling function TEVB_GetNetIntensities".

Does anyone out there know what Error number 5 is...?

If I copy the MDB file to an offline computer that has both PfE and Pathfinder on it, I don't get the error message, and PfE will process the EDS intensities, but this is not always practical....


Hi Emma,
I moved this to the Thermo board as maybe Steve Seddio can respond. 

Error 5 is a Thermo NSS/Pathfinder socket timeout error.  I've seen this error when I had some spectra with high deadtimes. It might also be from a Win 10 network timing issue. 

But as far as net intensities go, just to speed things up I now utilize a recently added feature (Only Use EDS Stored EDS Net Intensities option in the Analysis Options dialog) by first putting PFE into off-line mode, then selecting all the samples from the Analyze! window, then clicking the Raw Data button. This extracts all the net intensities and these net intensities are now automatically saved to internal tables in the MDB file.

Then using this new Only Use EDS Stored EDS Net Intensities option, you can now only utilize these internally stored EDS net intensities for quantitative analysis, and everything runs *much* faster:


This way one can take their probe MDB file and not have to connect to the Thermo software for net intensity calculations. Makes everything much more portable. This feature works for Thermo, Bruker and even JEOL EDS spectra.

Of course, when you add new elements (or new samples) for quantification by EDS, you'll need to turn this flag off and re-connect to Thermo to extract the new net intensities.  Then you can turn on this "Only Use EDS Stored EDS Net Intensities" Option again.

So until you get this network timeout issue fixed, you can extract your net intensities on the other computer and bring it back over to the networked computer and then turn on the Only Use EDS Stored EDS Net Intensities option so it doesn't call the network interface.

I've updated PfE, and I see the new option under Analysis Options - I like it! Unfortunately, I still get the same Timeout error whenever PfE is even trying to read the raw intensities from Pathfinder....

Hi Emma,
Yeah.  I'm not trying to fix that, you'll have to talk to Thermo about getting that dealt with.  What I'm suggesting is that you do the net intensity extractions on the off-line computer which is working you said.  Then use this flag once that's done.

I'm just trying to get you going until you and Thermo figure out the Pathfinder/network time out issue. 

Thanks! We'll definitely make use of the new flag to speed up our analyses on the offline computer :D

I'll pester Steve Seddio about the Thermo issue. I know how much he loves getting questions at the end of the day/right before the holidays  ;)


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