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GMT (Generic mapping tools)
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:35:22 am »

Has anyone used GMT generic mapping tools

With three lines of code I can create a ps or pdf file from a surfer grid file

The first line sets up the color scale, starting at 0 to 5000

Code: [Select]
gmt makecpt -T-0/5000 > compo.cpt
The second line plots the map [B5 sets tick marks on axis every five units, for above image I used B0.05]:

Code: [Select]
gmt grdimage 1-5_00006_COMPO.grd -JX6i+ -I -B5 -Ccompo.cpt -K > COMPO4.pdf
The third line plots the color intensity scale:

Code: [Select]
gmt psscale -Ccompo.cpt -Dx6.5i/15c+w12c/0.5c+jTC -Bx1000 -O >> COMPO4.pdf
Does anyone know if its possible to plot a distance scale bar, or is it not possible without geographic projection. Also I've yet to figure out how to label axes.


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