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CamClean.exe high speed replacement
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:25:01 am »
Ever have your PeakSight start to lock up, and you know it's time to reboot the software but it takes forever to properly crash out? Cameca included an executable that politely asks your programs to quit but it takes *forever* - so long I used to open up the task manager to kill the programs. But no more!

I recently discovered the very quick way to kill tasks (at least in Windows XP, might have changed in later versions of windows) and made my own batch file to kill all cameca programs (this is set up for 4.0 but I figured if there were similar problems in 5/6+ this would give people what they need to tailor the batch file to their current situation). It takes less than ten seconds, so I call it "CameKILL IT WITH FIRE" - and there is no confirmation so make sure you save anything before you test it out, because you will not be fast enough to stop it from running.

Additionally, if you have a certain program that hangs often and you need to kill just the one, but don't want to have to open Task Manager every time, you can copy/paste a single line from this batch file into a Windows Shortcut (right click in a folder window, go to New -> New Shortcut) to instakill any task with a single click. It's especially handy if the crashing program has some weird visual freakouts that make the computer more difficult to use, as we've all seen on occasion.