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Tourmaline Standard/Reference Material
« on: April 12, 2019, 10:06:21 am »
Does anyone know of/have access to a good, well characterised tourmaline standard reference material?

David Adams
The University of Auckland
Faculty of Science | School of Environment

Anette von der Handt

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Re: Tourmaline Standard/Reference Material
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 07:44:25 pm »
Hi Dave,

a set of tourmalines (dravite, elbaite, schorl) from the Harvard collection was characterized by Dyar et al. (2001) and Leeman et al. (2001).

It is available for sale from the International Association of Geoanalysts: ( either individually or as a set.

Full references:
References for light elements:
Dyar, M.D., Wiedenbeck, M., Robertson, D., Cross, L.R., Delaney, J.S., Ferguson, K., Francis, C.A., Grew, E.S., Guidotti, C.V., Hervig, R.L., Hughes, J.M., Husler, J., Leeman, W., McGuire, A.V., Rhede, D., Rothe, H., Paul, R.L., Richards, I., Yates, M. (2001) Reference minerals for microanalysis of light elements. Geostandards Newsletter, 25, 441-463.

Leeman, W.P., Tonarini, S. (2001) Boron isotopic analysis of proposed borosilicate mineral reference samples. Geostandards Newsletter, 25, 399-403.
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