Author Topic: Blown detector or column separation windows  (Read 12568 times)


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Blown detector or column separation windows
« on: November 26, 2013, 11:47:33 AM »
This is something my instrument engineer Steve Wiemholt found that has changed our lives in the lab: since we've installed these "soft start" check valves in the roughing pump lines a few years ago, we haven't had a single blown detector or column separation window on either our SX50 or our SX100 instruments!

Even when we've done a few no-nos such as pumping the chamber without holding up the stage chamber body after it had been dropped.  Usually a guaranteed blown set of windows when that happens! But we've had not a single window needing replacement...

Here's the link:

It's the "soft start" KF valve at the bottom of the page.

My engineer says:  The Kurt J. Lesker part number for their KF40 sized soft start check valve is M2250040. The KF40 is the smallest size. This will necessitate use of KF25 to KF40 adapter fittings.

This might even be useful for JEOL probes but not sure about their detector window robustness under normal circumstances.

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Re: Blown detector or column separation windows
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