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Stage limits and rotated samples


John Donovan:
Probeman was working with two students yesterday in the lab and one of the samples the students had mounted in the sample holder was significantly rotated from the image they had previously taken of it. 

Once the image had been calibrated to the stage coordinates using first two, then three calibration points, the sample could be easily navigated and as you all may know, the FOV display (dark blue) is automatically rotated based on the degree of sample rotation so all was good there even though the sample was rotated almost 16 degrees from the image.

However Probeman then realized that the stage limits (yellow lines) were not displaying correctly on the rotated sample as seen here:

So today, Donovan spent the morning at Probe Software re-writing the stage limits display code to accurately display the stage limits even when the sample is rotated as seen here:

Note that the stage limits (yellow) now agrees with the FOV (dark blue).  Please update to v. 1.7.7 of PictureSnapApp to get this new feature.


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