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Re: PictureSnapApp version 1.8.6
« Reply #75 on: August 04, 2023, 09:53:01 AM »
We haven't been posting about recent improvements to PictureSnapApp (my fault), but v. 1.8.5 added the ability to enter a specific stage coordinate to "drive to".

More recently we just released v. 1.8.6 which adds two options in the Image Locator window. Previously the display of an embedded image looked like this:

With v. 1.8.6 the user can now unselect display of the embedded image border and file name like this and show only the embedded image itself:

Or one can unselect one or the other like this even when displaying all the embedded images:

Or like this with the all the embedded images displayed without file names:

Lots of combinations...
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