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--- Quote from: John Donovan on February 10, 2018, 09:21:55 AM ---PictureSnapApp Version Changes:

03/24/2021    Add INI keywords for modifying Cameca (SX100 and SXFive) stage motor speeds (Neill).  See new entries for:
v. 1.8.2          XMotorSpeedCameca=10000

--- End quote ---

Thanks for reading my mind and serving me the solution I was coming here to ask for. My stage has started having trouble with high speed operations and this is exactly what I needed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This remains one of the best pieces of software our lab has!


John Donovan:
Small tweak in the stage config dialog to display "typical" horizontal FOVs for FEI, JEOL and Cameca instruments:

Update using the Help | Update PictureSnapApp menu to get the latest version.

John Donovan:
We made a number of small changes to PictureSnapApp after the MAS free microanalysis software tutorial earlier this week. See the first post in this topic for compete details.

The main change is that we now display the current magnification of the instrument in the upper left corner of the main display window as seen here:

This really only is useful for demo and text input modes since when connected to an instrument one can always see the instrument mag in the OEM application.  But maybe it will be useful anyway.

The other change is to allow the user to specify a starting or initial magnification in the PictureSnapApp.ini file. This is really only useful for instruments that have a fixed magnification.

Also, we added support for the right and left cursor keys to increment or decrement the mag by 2% as a extra fine adjustment.  And the cursor keys now work in both the main image window and the full size image window.

Update using the Help menu as usual.

John Donovan:

--- Quote from: John Donovan on March 24, 2021, 01:59:24 PM ---
--- Quote from: Owen Neill on March 23, 2021, 10:31:27 AM ---Hi John,

Small "wish" for PSA - would it be possible to make the stage motor velocities editable? Our students absolutely adore PSA, but it does drive the stage at maximum speed, which is a bit rough on the motors. In PFE we can change the stage motor velocities in the motors.dat file, would it be possible to add something similar for PSA, either its own motors.dat file or something in picturesnapapp.ini?


--- End quote ---

Hi Owen,
OK I implemented these new keywords for the Cameca (SX100/SXFive) here showing the defaults:


Note that the valid values for X and Y are 500 to 15000. For the Z stage axis it's between 10 and 200 for the SX100 and between 1 and 10 for the SXFive.

--- End quote ---

I just wanted to make a quick note here on these Cameca stage speed parameters.

The valid ranges I had noted many years ago for the Cameca stage for the X and Y axes are from 500 to 15000, and as seen above we decided to set the default speed to 10000 because most people want to *slow down* their Cameca stages.

However, when I finally got around to updating the PictureSnapApp on our Sx100 instrument last weekend I was surprised to see PictureSnapApp complaining about the stage speed being out of range on start up (PictureSnapApp forces an initial stage move to the current position on startup, in order to force the displayed image to be centered on the current stage position).  This is in spite of the fact that several firmware updates ago, these ranges were perfectly valid.

So I tested the various Cameca stage speeds and found that our stage is now limited to stage speeds of 7000, that is X/Y stage speeds of 8000 or above will throw this stage speed out of range error on start up.

If you haven't have your Cameca firmware updated, these higher stage speeds may work just fine, but just FYI we've had our SX100 X/Y stage speeds set to 5000 for many years so we had not noticed this change in the maximum allowed stage speeds, which we can only assume Cameca may have introduced in a firmware update at some point.

John Donovan:
Here's a poster we did for PictureSnapApp a few years ago that is worth taking a look at if you are interested in fast and easy sample navigation on an EPMA or SEM instrument and/or from one instrument stage to another (e.g., from optical to SIMS to SEM, etc.).

See attached (remember to login to see attachments).


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