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I take it the stand-alone PictureSnap doesn't work with the Cameca SX system yet? The version included with PfE works though, right?

John Donovan:

--- Quote from: neko on March 07, 2018, 07:46:10 AM ---I take it the stand-alone PictureSnap doesn't work with the Cameca SX system yet? The version included with PfE works though, right?

--- End quote ---

Yes, PictureSnap is completely integrated into Probe for EPMA.  That allows for some nice features, such as display of digitized or acquired positions on the image.

Right now we just do hardware interfacing to JEOL and FEI SEMs/TEMs (and JEOL EPMAs). We could add support for Cameca instruments in the standalone version of PictureSnap(App), we just didn't think there would be much demand so we haven't made it a priority.  We'll probably do it eventually though.  Or you'all could just get PFE for your instrument!   :D

But you could also download PictureSnapApp and simply use it in "text input" mode which will "run" on any instrument!  Once you install it, simply go to the File | Stage Config menu and select text input for the interface type (and configure the units to "um" and set the stage limits and FOV appropriately for the Sx100) and you should be good to go.  You'll have to enter the X/Y stage calibration point coordinates by hand, but once you do calibrate the image, you can navigate by double clicking any spot on the image and the stage coordinates of that position are displayed, with buttons for copying to the clipboard.

So until we get  PictureSnapApp interfaced to the Cameca, you could simply install PictureSnapApp on the PeakSight computer, so you can easily cut and paste between PeakSight and PictureSnapApp.   Hey, at least it's free!    :)

It works! A little clunky to use the copy/paste but it works and is quite accurate (and precise!). This will save a ton of time with folks who have small features that they need to locate on "fun" thin sections.

The only possible recommendation I would make is to make middle click (or L+R click) work to scroll the image around the viewport via dragging, if you have an image that outscales your monitor, and don't want to use the full, (possibly scaled down) view. Of course, our monitors are sorta small so that may not be a problem with newer monitors.

At least I can show this to people and be like "and if we upgrade to PfE, it'll work *even better*!"

John Donovan:
Hi Nick,
Cool.  Sorry about having to use text input mode for now, but that's why text input mode is free!  We'll get the Cameca instrument interface implemented quickly- we just didn't think there would be any demand for it, so we just released it for JEOL and FEI instruments to begin with. 

On the dragging the main window around one can use the scroll bars of course, but even better I think is to simply double click on the full view window and the main window image will be automatically shifted to the area of interest.

We've also been looking into Zeiss and Hitachi instrument interfacing, but so far Zeiss says they want $9K for their API, so we can forget about that!   Still looking into the Hitachi SEM API, so has anyone utilized the Hitachi SEM API for their own coding projects?  I'd be very interested to hear.

John Donovan:
The latest version of PictureSnapApp now has a recently opened file list (thanks Gareth), and also FOV annotations (thanks Marisa), to document the current FOV on the image as seen here:

To annotate the current FOV, simply type "<shift> f" and enter any text in the pop up dialog.  In addition we've added Move To buttons for both point and FOV annotation lists so one can select any annotation from the list and move to that location automatically as seen here:


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