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Title: Alignment of light optics monitor with PeakSight optical window
Post by: Probeman on August 14, 2019, 10:32:03 am
On my SX100 I generally align the beam on a fluorescent sample, and then adjust the light optics using the two adjustment screws on the side of the column, so a circle drawn with a grease pencil on the light optics monitor screen is aligned with the beam spot.

However, I note that in the PeakSight software, the red cross is not aligned with the beam spot as seen in the light optics frame grabber window as seen here:


I can adjust the blue circle so that it aligns with the beam spot, but the red cross is always in the same spot.

I only use PeakSight to change samples and align the beam, so can someone help me with this?  Am I doing the beam to light optics alignment all wrong, or is there a way to get the red cross in the PeakSight optical display window to align with the mechanically aligned beam spot on the light optics monitor?