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PictureSnapApp for EPMA, SEM, TEM, SIMS Sample Navigation

  • PictureSnapApp is a *standalone* application for sample navigation and annotation on any instrument with a sample stage
  • Import images from any source: slide scanner, flat bed scanner, optical microscope, SEM electron image, cell phone camera, etc.
  • See your sample in true color as you navigate using the optical (or other) image as a “base map”.
  • Calibrate using two reference points (or three to correct for sample rotation automatically!)
  • Once your image is calibrated, double-click to drive the stage to the exact sample location.
  • Right-click to create unlimited sample annotations with stage coordinates that are automatically saved and exportable.
  • Free download for Demonstration and Text Input based stage coordinate modes!
  • Text Input mode allows you to utilize PictureSnapApp on *any* instrument stage, e.g., SIMS, LA-ICPMS, AFM, etc.!
  • Automatic coordinate transformation to easily move images and annotations from one instrument stage to another, for quick and easy relocation of sample areas of interest.
  • More information on our user forum here

FEI/JEOL/Cameca hardware enabled PictureSnapApp can be yours for only US$499

Please inquire about support for other instrument manufacturers. Contact: Barbara Donovan, or call (541) 343-3400 for more information


PictureSnapApp screen shot

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