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Probe Image Feature List

The following is only a partial feature list. If you do not see a feature here, please contact us. Chances are it's already been implemented. Please access our Probe Image discussion forum here.


Probe Image Acquisition and Analysis Package (download flyer)

  • Probe Image is a complete image acquisition and processing application specifically designed for electron microprobes.

  • Acquire simultaneous analog, digital or pulse count images of any size (limited only by available memory) with completely independent aspect ratio and pixel resolution for maximum flexibility.

  • Utilize real world coordinate and Z scaler registration of XYZ stage coordinates and Z image data. This means that both beam scan and stage motion functions are completely integrated and spatially quantified. The XY scale bars can be in absolute or relative microns (or other user defined units). The Z image data palette bar can be in user or program defined units (volts, counts, weight %, etc.).

  • Perform *fully* quantitative x-ray mapping where *each* pixel is independently corrected for deadtime, beam intensity drift, standard intensity drift, background, matrix corrections (Armstrong, PAP, XPP, etc.), spectral interferences and even time dependent intensity corrections for beam sensitive samples.

  • Background correction methods include both traditional "off-peak" methods where high and/or low background position maps are acquired, but also the mean atomic number (MAN) method which provides a high accuracy background correction *without* the need for off-peak map acquision. This means fully quantittaive x-ray maps in 1/2 the acquisition time, and with *improved* precision over traditional methods! See this American Mineralogist paper for details.

    Advanced Features :

  • Single or continuous image acquisition. Frame averaging for digital and pulse counted image data, frame and pixel averaging for analog image data. Import/Export TIF, PCX, BMP, IMG, GRD and user defined image files.

  • Extensive image processing :
    - Duplicate
    - Modify (Mask, Formula, Convolution, Filter)
    - Composite (RGB)
    - False Color (interpolated or user defined bands)
    - Crop
    - Statistics (pixel or Real World Coordinate/Scaler values)
    - Contrast Enhancement
    - Histogram Equalization
    - Linear Stretch
    - Palette Stretch
    - Invert
    - Gray Scale
    - Brightness/Contrast
    - Optimize Palette
    - Resize and Rotate
    - Two Dimensional Histograms with Pixel Traceback Features
    - Mosaic, Tile and Pave Features
    - Erode, Dilate, Median and Combine Functions
  • Manual or digital magnification control. Beam snap and pixel snap modes for graphical beam and stage movement with one mouse click.
  • Real time histogram and real world coordinate display for data cursor and statistics. Absolute XY image registration (stage micron coordinates). Wide area stage scanning with absolute image registration. Hybrid beam and stage scanning (with automatic mosaic feature).
  • Complete image automation of multiple fields of view and multiple elements (on and off-peak). Z stage position interpolation.
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