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phi rho z curves
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:41:18 am »

Using scripts I can export phi-rho-z curves to csv in the xtraP.

Code: [Select]
xtraP = {}
xtraP = {"Characteristic Accumulator":True, "Char Fluor Accumulator":True, "Brem Fluor Accumulator":True}
xtraP.update(mc3.configureEmissionImages(mc3.suggestTransitions("SiFeSNaKO",e0), 1.5*range, size = 512))
xtraP.update(mc3.configureTrajectoryImage(1.5*range, size = 512))
xtraP.update(mc3.configureOutput('O:\Documents\dtsa2_script_data1')) # Change to output folder

I'm trying to understand the output

These phi-rho-z curves seem to match the emission pictures DTSAII generates in report - the first 9 rows correspond to the header, but does not include picture footer. And the scale is the same as the picture scale - listed in header e.g. 1.29 um x 1.29 um - does this scale include header and footer?

Also what are the Min and Max columns.

Also can you limit the x-ray lines i.e. just Ka

What would be really nice is a checkbox in the gui simulation routine to output phi-rho-z curves.



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Re: phi rho z curves
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  • What are the Min and Max columns?
    They appear to be the lower and upper boundaries in the Z direction in micrometers with an offset of 5000 micrometers. You will notice that all the values are zero until between 4999.996 and 5000.018. I just average the two values and subtract 5000. Seems to match published curves... Also to be expected from the return value of the function binName() at line 165 in the NistMonte file. See
  • How to specify specific transitions?
    I do this:
    xrts = [transition("Al K-L3"), transition("O K-L3"), transition("C K-L3")]
    xtraParams.update(mc3.configureXRayAccumulators(xrts, charAccum=True, charFluorAccum=True, bremFluorAccum=True))
    ...The rest of your configuration of xtraParams

Hope this helps,
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Re: phi rho z curves
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Thanks, that's very helpful